Hello BSM People, in collaboration with your team, you have until the sunset to comeback to the AAA with as much possible picture following those rules :

  • On each picture we have to see all the member of the team (expect the one taking the picture)
  • You need to take picture in the "same" place or with the same object in the frame of the picture

You cannot use your car/motorbike for this challenge but any other mean of transportation is allowed (walk, run, bike, train, bus) are allowed.

You do not have to enter (with your badge) in any AMADEUS building.

Some picture worth more than other depending on the distance of the picture point. Here is a map with the different zone :

Each picture in the Green Zone will give 2 PTS (Inside the Amadeus Gates + AAA Zone) - 25 Pictures X 2 Point = 50 Points

Each picture in the Red Zone will give 5 Points -  12 Pictures X 5 Points = 60 Points

Each picture in the Yellow Zone will give 15 Points  - 3 Pictures X 15 Points = 45 Points

Golden PICTURE - 50 Points (Without car transportation of course)


BONUS Points

+10 Points if your team is the only one to have one picture of the list (For each picture)

+ 3 Points if you have a picture linked to the BSM Values (For each value picture - MAX 3)


Side Challenge #Sustainability

+10 Points for the team bringing back the most garbage (8 for the 2nd, 6 for the 3rd, 4 for the 4th, 2 for all the other team bringing back some garbage)

Green Zone Pictures - 2 PTS

Red Zone Pictures - 5 PTS

Yellow Zone Pictures - 15 PTS

Golden Picture - 50 PTS